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Dec 10th
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SUMO TIRES is dedicated to evolving into a global spanning brand with quality, dependability and evolution as our corner stone philosophy.

Incorporating the expertise of a core group of experienced engineers, the SUMO TIRE range of products is advancing in leaps and bounds. Development and progressiveness is instrumental to the SUMO success. Focusing on technical differentiation, quality and branding; we have expanded the bias range of Light Truck, Truck, Agricultural, Industrial, Off the Road Tyres into new sizes and patterns as well as market dependent construction requirements. Working with in depth analysis of market specific demands we have been able to develop some of the toughest tires to meet some of the harshest demands in the world.

Evolving from the SUMO bias range, SUMO FIRENZA, SUMO AKINA, SUMO COUGAR and SUMO ORR were born with the same philosophy and focus.

The world's increasing needs for radial tires is spreading to every corner of the globe and from this; the SUMO radial range was created. The new Truck Bus Radial range is taking the world by storm. Working closely with like minded distributors around the world to ensure a unified commitment to our philosophy of quality, dependability and growth through evolution, our tires are proving their worth to all tiers of the industry. This is the genesis of our radial growth. New markets, new sizes, new patterns, and new product ranges are continually being developed and expanded upon to meet requirements.

The SUMO lines are driven by an uncompromising commitment to growth in line with our key philosophies.